'Making more out of less.'
All my life, I have followed this principle to its fullest extent. Being a self-taught designer, this very principle has been validated countless number of times through all the aspects of my life. At INZA, we believe that you don't need fancy offices or a great infrastructure to reach new heights. A good network of people and a purpose driven vision is all it takes to solve the biggest problems. Also, the pandemic has taught us that the mere existence of a strong internet connection is enough to sustain any business (and we have ethernet :p)

INZA Design Co. is founded by two humans born on the same day 19 years ago, now running a creative organization together. Through INZA, my sister, Asavari, and I aim to solve branding problems through design. I, Ishaan, an experienced graphic designer am a media student by the day while Asavari, currently pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering is a full stack web developer.

(P.S. We could've put a generic corporate photo above with suites and ties but that's not how we work. This is it.)