Earth Wizard

The idea of Earth Wizard was born out of a deeper sentiment for the environment, for the love of textiles. Their goal is to up-cycle fabric excess/old fabrics of all kinds, by creating products and garments; thereby giving them a rejuvenated life. I crafted the brand positioning such that the brand, Earth Wizard along with its thoughtful motto stands out among other conventional brands in all its grandeur.

I gave our client the best possible visual identity to define and develop the tangible look and feel of the brand. Another important component of branding that we had in the project was creating a bold yet elegant, organic yet minimal look for the social media handle of Earth Wizard. It included templates and carousals which enriched the identity of the brand.


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New Arrivals


To showcase new products, Earth Wizard’s three-day pop-up shop made its place. The theme for the shop revolved around the ocean and its habitat. I contributed to building the visuals keeping the brand messaging intact.

Carousels as Storytelling Tools

The carousels designed for Earth Wizard went beyond being mere visual elements; they became storytelling tools. Each carousel was meticulously crafted to narrate the brand's journey, showcasing the upcycling process, the creation of unique products, and the overall impact on sustainability. The visual narrative aimed to evoke a sense of connection with the audience, inviting them to be part of Earth Wizard's mission.

"Ishaan has been the backbone of Earth Wizard; his visual storytelling has contributed immensely to Earth Wizard's social media presence! He brought the very concept of Earth Wizard to life with his unique survey method and understood our motto to the core! 100% recommended for startups as well as well-established setups looking for visual branding for their company/enterprise."

- Aavantika Chheda (Founder of Earth Wizard )