In the vibrant landscape of Indian cinema, a unique project emerged, breathing life into the narrative of "Prabhadevi." Blue Drop Studios, a Mumbai-based film production company, envisioned a cinematic masterpiece that would not only entertain but also delve into the complexities of life. At the center of this narrative stood the talented Neena Gupta, portraying the journey of a woman striving to become a standup comedian while navigating the challenges life throws at her.

My role in this creative venture was to shape the brand identity for "Prabhadevi," a task that extended from conceptualizing pitch decks to designing eye-catching posters. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, I embarked on an innovative journey to develop initial creatives that would captivate both the audience and the star of the film, Neena Gupta.

The initial phase involved experimenting with AI tools to generate creative concepts that would serve as the foundation for the project. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, I could present Blue Drop Studios with a set of unique and engaging ideas that would set "Prabhadevi" apart in the competitive landscape of Indian cinema.

Images generated using Mid-Journey AI

Typography, a crucial element in any brand identity, played a significant role in conveying the essence of the film. I meticulously illustrated typography that reflected the vibrancy, humor, and depth of the storyline.

The posters, a visual gateway to the world of "Prabhadevi," demanded a careful blend of aesthetics and storytelling. Drawing on the emotional and humorous aspects of the script, I crafted posters that not only piqued curiosity but also resonated with the audience. The use of colors, imagery, and typography worked in harmony to create a visual identity that would linger in the minds of potential viewers.

The pitch deck, a critical component in securing support and funding for the project, required a meticulous approach. I crafted a compelling narrative, weaving together the unique elements of "Prabhadevi" and presenting it in a visually appealing format. The pitch deck served as a comprehensive guide, showcasing the film's potential and the vision that Blue Drop Studios had for this groundbreaking project.

Working on the brand identity for "Prabhadevi" was not just a creative endeavor; it was a collaborative journey that involved understanding the nuances of the script, capturing the essence of Neena Gupta's character, and conveying the emotional depth of the narrative. The integration of AI added a futuristic touch to the creative process, allowing for a seamless fusion of technology and art.