Roposo Love

Roposo, an Indian e-commerce fashion shopping and video-sharing social media service, my role was to create visually compelling and engaging social media carousels. Roposo, known for providing a space where users share a diverse range of content, from fashion and food to comedy and travel, presented a unique challenge and opportunity to captivate a diverse audience through captivating carousels.

In my current professional capacity, I am privileged to be working with Scroll Back Studios, a dynamic and innovative creative agency (, on the exciting venture of designing social media carousels for Roposo. This collaboration has provided a rich environment for creativity and strategic thinking, combining the unique strengths of Scroll Back Studios with my expertise in crafting engaging visual content.

Maintaining a consistent visual style was crucial for reinforcing Roposo's brand identity and ensuring that users could instantly recognize and engage with the content. This involved using a harmonious color palette, typography, and graphic elements that echoed the platform's energetic and creative spirit.

Throughout the design process, continuous feedback loops were established, involving collaboration with content creators, marketing teams, and Roposo users. This iterative approach allowed for refining and optimizing the carousels based on real-time insights and user reactions.