Social Bhasudi

Creating a brand identity for Blue Drop Studios' potential show "Social Bhasudi" was an exhilarating journey that seamlessly blended creativity and cultural relevance. The show, a comedy office drama set in a news studio in Mumbai, promised to entertain Indian audiences with its humorous take on the struggles of raising TRP.

The first step in crafting the brand identity was an in-depth exploration of the show's essence. Understanding the narrative, characters, and the unique blend of comedy was crucial. This involved immersing myself in the script, discussions with the creative team, and grasping the cultural nuances that would resonate with the target audience.

The protagonist, a drone, emerged as a central character, serving as the backbone of the show's visual identity. To capture the essence of "Social Bhasudi," I started sketching various concepts, exploring ways to integrate the drone into the logo. The challenge was to strike a balance between humor and professionalism, ensuring the brand appealed to both the comedy genre and the corporate setting of a news studio.

After numerous iterations, the final logo took shape, combining both semi-English and Devanagari script. This decision aimed to connect with a wider audience, tapping into the linguistic diversity of India. The script not only added a touch of authenticity but also reinforced the show's cultural context.

Moving beyond the logo, the brand identity extended to pitch decks and posters. The pitch deck became a powerful tool to communicate the show's concept, highlighting its unique selling points, key characters, and potential marketability. Emphasizing the drone's role in the narrative, the pitch deck incorporated visually compelling graphics and witty taglines to leave a lasting impression.

Color schemes were carefully chosen to evoke both the corporate world and the lively spirit of comedy. Blues and grays conveyed professionalism, while pops of vibrant colors added a playful touch. Consistency in visual elements across the brand identity created a cohesive and memorable impression.

Throughout the creative process, collaboration with the Blue Drop Studios team was paramount. Regular feedback sessions ensured that the brand identity aligned seamlessly with the vision of "Social Bhasudi." The end result was not just a set of visuals but a comprehensive brand identity that resonated with the target audience, enticing them to tune in for a laughter-packed experience. The fusion of cultural elements, humor, and creativity set the stage for "Social Bhasudi" to make a mark in the Indian entertainment landscape.