Steller 2021

When presented with the challenge of promoting 'Steller 2021,' a national-level storytelling slam hosted by Tape A Tale, the objective was clear - create a series of initial creatives that not only conveyed the event's transition to online platforms for the first two rounds but also exuded energy and excitement.

The primary message of the initial creatives was the online format of the first two rounds. To effectively communicate this, the visuals prominently featured elements of the digital world, such as screens, online icons, and connectivity symbols. The choice of bold and vibrant colors helped grab attention and set the energetic tone for the campaign.

Online Emphasis:
Consistent Branding:

Maintaining a consistent visual identity across all creatives was crucial. The 'Steller 2021' logo, color palette, and key messaging were seamlessly integrated into each creative, reinforcing brand recognition and ensuring a cohesive narrative throughout the campaign.