Tape A Tale : Story Circle

As Tape A Tale, a renowned story-telling platform, crossed the remarkable milestone of two million subscribers on YouTube, the need arose to celebrate this achievement in a meaningful way. The task at hand was to launch a program called 'Story Circle,' a three-month long storytelling and writing initiative that aimed to create a vibrant community of writers and storytellers, fostering learning and growth within its folds.

The foundation of our campaign was laid by integrating two powerful symbols - a microphone and a graduation hat - into our visuals. The microphone symbolized the art of storytelling, while the graduation hat represented the achievement and certification that participants would attain upon completing the program.

Visual Concept:
Design Language Through Icons
Engaging Copywriting

Alongside captivating visuals, the accompanying copy was crafted to evoke curiosity and enthusiasm. We highlighted the transformative nature of the 'Story Circle' program, emphasizing the sense of community, learning, and the incredible feat of achieving certification in just three months.