Tranzeco Hospitality

Tackling the logo design brief for "TranzEco Hospitality," a prominent parent company overseeing various hotels and restaurants in and around Mumbai, involved a comprehensive and strategic approach to encapsulate the brand's essence. The initial step in this creative process was a thorough exploration of TranzEco Hospitality's values, mission, and vision. This foundational understanding laid the groundwork for a design that authentically represented the company.

The definition of key elements was a crucial aspect of the process, outlining the thematic pillars that the logo needed to convey. Given TranzEco Hospitality's commitment to eco-friendly practices, a strong emphasis was placed on incorporating symbols and motifs associated with sustainability, such as leaves, trees, or other eco-conscious design elements.

Seeking feedback from stakeholders was a pivotal part of the iterative process. Initial concepts were presented, and insights were collected to refine and enhance the design further. This collaborative approach ensured that the final logo not only met the design objectives but also garnered approval from key decision-makers.