RMIT University Projects

SDGs explorer for the City of Melbourne

The City of Melbourne has localized the UN SDGs to the Melbourne context, defining 16 specific goals, 88 associated targets, and over 300 indicators for measuring progress toward these goals. This ambitious undertaking provides a solid foundation for our exploration of Communication Design's role in promoting and facilitating these sustainable development objectives.


Tape A Tale, a story-telling platform required a series of social media posts to launch aprogram called ‘Story-circle’, on completing two million subscribers on Youtube.

Building New Audiences With The State Library of Victoria

In this engaging project, we embark on an exploration of the multifaceted role of communication design in the realms of wayfinding and placemaking.

Cubix: Identity Design for Startups with RMIT Activator

The client for this project, Cubix, operates in the business-to-business sector, collaborating with pharmaceutical companies to develop oral capsules as alternatives to protein drug injections, such as insulin.

Studio Knowledge Object (SKO)

In this final part of the studio, I will be addressing a fourth brief, which I have devised myself, and producing a reflective publication. I have designed this brief as a means to guide the development of my design practice. Through the process of addressing it, I aim to demonstrate and extend the knowledge I've gained throughout my journey in this studio.