Apart from designing for businesses, I design for myself, my loved ones, and the design community which has helped me to be where I am today.

Throughout the day, I observe the world through the lens of creating something different.

Something like this.
(click on the photo I took)

Here are some more examples of my design practice as a form of self-expression.

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I also design whatever inspires me. Like, my breakfast for example.

(click on my egg trays).

I made a chair too!
The Process

I document life, capture, illustrate and design stuff and share it all on Instagram.


I am in the last year of my Masters of Communication Design at RMIT University in Melbourne.

I work as the editor of its student union magazine Catalyst.

I am a proud Indian from the state of Maharashtra and deeply rooted in its cultures and traditions. I have been a drummer since the earliest days of childhood and continue to sink into the craft to detach from the overwhelming complexities of the world.
Design to me is a part of everyday life. My design practice is influenced by nature, architecture, things, and people around me. I use it as a medium to relax and make a living at the same time. My love for design traces back to my childhood days when I used to go to construction sites with my father. The curiosity of knowing how things are built, and the beauty of rustic materials and unfinished spaces always fascinated me. It still does.
I am open to work, conversations, or a game of cricket. Hit me up!